Saturday, February 20, 2010

pln 12

The article i read was about the web radio Pandora. The article said that over the past year Pandora has been doing increasingly well. The audience listening to Pandora has increased dramatically over the past year probably due to the heightened sales of IPhones The Pandora app for Ihones was, according to the founder of Pandora, the biggest contributor to the success of the website. Pandora was originally supposed to help musicians find an audience, and to help struggling musicians "link" through the Internet. This article applies to me because I am a musician and finding an audience for your music is a hard thing to establish, you can't always do it on your own, so its important for us to have tools to establish ourselves as artists. It applies to education because the music industry is changing rapidly and some one who is studying that career field needs to be educated on the different things happening within the industry. It applies to the world because websites like this can be accessed world wide, and they link the world's music industry instead of just one countries music industry.

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