Sunday, January 31, 2010

pln 5

research article

My research article is about resource wars in Congo. These wars started when the Belgians colonised Congo and raided it of its rubber trees. Later on genocide was being commited because one tribe wanted all the resources which include diamonds, zinc, cobalt, copper, gold, timber, and coffee. Since it is so rich in valuable resources other countries were getting involved with the conflict such as U.S. private industries and Uganda. with private industries fueling these wars it shows how the U.S. is involved.

pln 3

most common arguments

For my free choice I looked up the most common subjects argued about. The most common subject is religion. People argue about religion more than other subjects, also the subject of divinity has been fought over and argued about for many years. Another subject that is commonly argued about today is gay marriage. The argument of rights for the gay community has been argued about between religious groups, political groups, and activist groups alike. The other most commonly argued about subject is abortion. People today argue about the legality, and morality of abotion all the time. Again these arguments are commonly argued about between religious, political, and activist groups. these arguements relate to me because i have encountered people who belive differently than me on these subjects. its important to know what you're talking about and what you belive.

pln 2

change the world research

In my research for my change the world paper i have learned that resource wars have been taking place for thousands of years. Resources, along with religious beliefs, are one of the most prevelant causes of war. In most cases its for oil fields or water, since those are two of the most important resources in the world today. In the past it has been for water sources, pastures for feeding animals, and for precious minerals such as diamonds and gold. This relates to me because the U.S. is starting to have its own problems with not having enough resources to sustain our lifestyle. we need to conserve more in order to keep violence down and sustain a lifestyle

Sunday, January 24, 2010

laptops in school

Laptops in school aren't a waste of time or money, on our laptops we can share project ideas, and research information. We can also read and write on them, they're very helpful for school. For those of us who have bad handwriting it helps us to write without being counted off points because the teacher couldn't read our paper.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

writing in circles.

Smetimes being given the freedom to write about whatever you want is the hardest assignment to write about. In the case that one cannot think of what to write sometimes the best thing is to write about the difficulty of finding a subject to write about. Which is what i am doing right now. Isn't it interesting how when writing about not being able to find a subject to write about we tend to run in circles with our writing. Not really going anywhere, strangely staying in the same place. in the time it took you to read this you could've made a bagel, or done something else to pass the time, but instead you have now read a blog that seems to run around in circles, never going anywhere but strangely moving at the same time. Now as this paragraph finishes you find yourself wondering was this a waste of time or a profound thought provoking experience. Did i actually learn something today or could i have never avoided confusion by reading this. All these questions will never be answered by me but by you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

ctw notes

-three points
-two part construction
Intro paragraph
-attention getter
-back ground info
-1 to 2 sentences on background info
-both sides of the issue
-some say… others say… on one hand…on the other hand… although some feel… others feel…
-thesis 1 sentence exposing the problem

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

how is the internet is changing the way you think

How is the internet changing the way you think?
The internet is changing my thinking, in that I don’t ever think to go to the library to research things. I simply turn on my computer and go to the internet for my research. The internet is also changing thinking in the way that people communicate almost constantly through the internet. With websites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter so called “mainstreamists” use technology to communicate and share information. These reasons are how the internet is changing the way people think.