Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PLN 29

The article by Garrison Kellior about texting was interesting. I believe that young people are losing their people skills and it makes it hard when you're like me and dont have a phone, especially in a school like arapahoe where kids are very privileged compared to what im used to. people expect you to text them or get ahold of them with a phone. When i get my phone i will be paying for it so it'll be a very treasured thing. I digress, the social skills of people in general have gotten worse i feel as if confrontation has become a taboo subject for alot of people. it gets annoying knowing that people are constantly talking behind people's backs over their phones. This relates to the world because young people all over are becoming less sociable. this relates to education because kids eventually will need to learn how to interact with other people face to face. This relates to me, because not having a phone, i don't constantly text people and when people constantly have their heads in a phone it bothers me.