Sunday, February 28, 2010

pln 13

I read an article about the ipad. The ipad is a new device created by apple, it is like a laptop and an iphone combined to make a touch screen tablet that is for media playing and other things as well. This is in my opinion an awsome device for education i have a friend that is getting one for note taking in class. This applies to me because two of my friends are getting them and i will be able to use them sometimes. This applies to the world because the device will be available to all of the developed countries in the world.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

pln 12

The article i read was about the web radio Pandora. The article said that over the past year Pandora has been doing increasingly well. The audience listening to Pandora has increased dramatically over the past year probably due to the heightened sales of IPhones The Pandora app for Ihones was, according to the founder of Pandora, the biggest contributor to the success of the website. Pandora was originally supposed to help musicians find an audience, and to help struggling musicians "link" through the Internet. This article applies to me because I am a musician and finding an audience for your music is a hard thing to establish, you can't always do it on your own, so its important for us to have tools to establish ourselves as artists. It applies to education because the music industry is changing rapidly and some one who is studying that career field needs to be educated on the different things happening within the industry. It applies to the world because websites like this can be accessed world wide, and they link the world's music industry instead of just one countries music industry.

pln 11

The article I read was about the celebrity Kim Kardashian who "tweeted" that she was sitting next to an air marshal on an airplane. How she found out she said she just asked him and he said yes that he was. She then "tweeted" that" Jim guy she was sitting next to was an air marshal. This incedent makes me wonder about our country's security on airplanes. Considering there was an attempted terrorist attack on a plane recently I believe the security should be much better than it is. This relates to me because I want to know I'm safe on an air plane and the air marshal is still anonymous and not telling everyone and their sister what his cover is. This this doesn't apply to education as much but it does apply to the world because terrorists are still out there trying to infiltrate America and attack us, because of this we need good security in airports and on the planes themselves.

pln 10

I read an article about something called Lazarus syndrome. Lazarus syndrome is where some one is pronounced dead and spontaneously comes back to life. One man died of cardiac arrest, a half hour later his heart started beating again. He lived for two more days. Another woman in Colombia was pronounced dead she was then moved from a hospital to a mortuary where as the were about to apply formaldahyde she started breathing and moving her arm. I thought this phenomenon was interesting because it is so rare. This doesn't apply to me very much but it does apply to education. Doctors have to know that this is possible and they may encounter it. Therefore the have to be educated in knowing how to deal with this and possibly save someone.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

pln 9

The K-State article really interested me more than all the other articles I've been reading for pln's. I thought it was cool how the students rallied together to make a difference in someone's life. Being someone who will have to work through my college, (or I'm considering joining the military to get on the G.I. Bill) I relate to not having the money for alot. It's really cool that these students pooled their money to help other students that are having a hard time paying for school and the expenses that come with it. This relates to education because the video was an assignment, and it shows that school assignments can be meaningful to students. This relates to the world because can you imagine what the world would be like if people did random acts of kindness for others like this on a regular basis? The world would be a much better place.

pln 8-action plan

My action plan is to write a letter to the governer of colorado showing my research on resource wars. The letter will explain the relationships between industrialization, over population, over use of resources, and resource wars.

pln 7

For my article I read about protesters who were charged with being 'enemies of God'. The article says that it is unclear what the men's crime was. The Iranian government is resorting to Shiite Law to envoke fear among Iranian people. The article also says that about 80% of the Iranian people detest and denounce the corrupt government. In Iran there is no freedom of speech this is important to me, education, and the world because freedom of speech is a crucial part of humanity. Everyone should have the right to have their voices heard.

pln 6

I read an article about a suicide bombing done on a United States base in Afghanistan. The bomber apperantly snuck into the base dressed in an Afghan border police uniform. There were 5 American men who were killed. After reading the article I read some of the comments on the article. The comments had many typos and some of them were quite ignorant. One person commented,"for every suicide bombing victim, kill 5 imams. once we run out of people preaching hate, the problem will pretty much stop." I assume "imams" means Islams. I think that this article relates to me because people with this much hate for other people groups exist and we have to learn how to live with them. It relates to education because some people still can't spell very well. It relates to the world because this is a current event, and happened recently.