Saturday, February 20, 2010

pln 11

The article I read was about the celebrity Kim Kardashian who "tweeted" that she was sitting next to an air marshal on an airplane. How she found out she said she just asked him and he said yes that he was. She then "tweeted" that" Jim guy she was sitting next to was an air marshal. This incedent makes me wonder about our country's security on airplanes. Considering there was an attempted terrorist attack on a plane recently I believe the security should be much better than it is. This relates to me because I want to know I'm safe on an air plane and the air marshal is still anonymous and not telling everyone and their sister what his cover is. This this doesn't apply to education as much but it does apply to the world because terrorists are still out there trying to infiltrate America and attack us, because of this we need good security in airports and on the planes themselves.

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