Thursday, April 29, 2010

pln 28

boys are falling behind in school because the educational system is too advanced they make us learn too fast. I find it hard to learn the way we're taught here at school. things aren't explained we kinda have to guess on how to do things. i feel like they need to figure out how to teach us in a better way so that we don't feel discouraged. I feel discouraged on a daily basis because i feel like i try in school, yet i make bad grades. This relates to the world because it's effecting our educational system. this relates to me because it's effecting me.

pln 27

Recently a school in Mississippi canceled their prom because a girl wanted to bring her girl friend and also wear a tuxedo. This shows the intolerance still plaguing our country. the fact that they had to cancel an entire prom because of her sexual stance and choice of attire i believe is quite ridiculous.

This relates to education, because schools shouldn't be discrimitory against people's sexual stance. This relates to the world because discrimination is still plaguing our communities and world. This relates to me because some of my old friends and some of my family is gay, and it really pisses me off when people can't see just another person. Too many people see color or that somebody is different.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

pln 26

I read about Iranian homosexuals seeking refuge in turkey. Turkey doesn't require Iranians to carry a visa in Turkey. Since being gay is punishable by death in Iran many gays flee through Turkey. There is one house in Turkey where some homosexuals stay and leave as they need. Even in Turkey where the people are escaping extremist persecution people still knock out the windows of the house where they live. This relates to me because many friends of mine are gay. This relates to education because, when more countries develop and more people are educated tollerance will come with that. this relates to the world because it happens every day in many places.

Monday, April 19, 2010

pln 25

For pln 17 i watched a video one of my friends who is a music promoter and producer made. The video is called Choose Your Chemicals by _-=O=-_ (or Darren Lyman). The video is about chemicals in food and how they effect industry. For example organic refers to having carbon products in it, this means any form of carbon has to make up at least 80% of the food. This can effect our diet negatively just like many other foods can effect our diet negatively.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

pln 24

For my free choice I looked up the most common subjects argued about. The most common subject is religion. People argue about religion more than other subjects, also the subject of divinity has been fought over and argued about for many years. Another subject that is commonly argued about today is gay marriage. The argument of rights for the gay community has been argued about between religious groups, political groups, and activist groups alike. The other most commonly argued about subject is abortion. People today argue about the legality, and morality of abotion all the time. Again these arguments are commonly argued about between religious, political, and activist groups. these arguements relate to me because i have encountered people who belive differently than me on these subjects. its important to know what you're talking about and what you belive

Sunday, April 11, 2010

pln 22

i read an article about the westboro baptist church which is not a church but a hate group. They are visiting Denver schools, including pamona and stanley lake high schools, which are very close to my house. I live about ten blocks from pamona and about twenty from stanley lake. I have talked to one of my good friends who goes there, and students may riot. The westboro church have no idea who or what they're messing with. The students of pamona and stanley lake won't put up with these moronic behaviors. I know plenty of people from both schools who have said that they are not above rioting or fighting these people because of they're hate for people like me and my friends especially.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PLN 21

Recently at Arapahoe high school a student by the name of Josh Jensen decided to stand on a table at lunch and sing a Taylor Swift song. After only being able to get through the first verse he was told to get down after not doing that he was told to get down again, he did. The vice principle then took Josh into the office and told him he thought Josh was on drugs and reprimanded him, saying that standing on tables was bad, and that he should not do that. He then started asking about Josh's family life, which is a touchy subject for him. Out of my personal experiences i believe students reserve the right to express themselves. If that means standing on tables and singing country songs than so be it. This relates to education because if we can't have fun with what we're good at than what good is education. This relates to me because it happened to me, and i don't believe that a principle needs to know about my family life it's none of his business. This relates to the world because if the world had more people that weren't afraid of authority i believe the world would be better because authority is based on fear and if we don't have that fear than we can make the world how it should be.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

PLN 21

I read an article about something called Lazarus syndrome. Lazarus syndrome is where some one is pronounced dead and spontaneously comes back to life. One man died of cardiac arrest, a half hour later his heart started beating again. He lived for two more days. Another woman in Colombia was pronounced dead she was then moved from a hospital to a mortuary where as the were about to apply formaldahyde she started breathing and moving her arm. I thought this phenomenon was interesting because it is so rare. This doesn't apply to me very much but it does apply to education. Doctors have to know that this is possible and they may encounter it. Therefore the have to be educated in knowing how to deal with this and possibly save someone.