Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PLN 21

Recently at Arapahoe high school a student by the name of Josh Jensen decided to stand on a table at lunch and sing a Taylor Swift song. After only being able to get through the first verse he was told to get down after not doing that he was told to get down again, he did. The vice principle then took Josh into the office and told him he thought Josh was on drugs and reprimanded him, saying that standing on tables was bad, and that he should not do that. He then started asking about Josh's family life, which is a touchy subject for him. Out of my personal experiences i believe students reserve the right to express themselves. If that means standing on tables and singing country songs than so be it. This relates to education because if we can't have fun with what we're good at than what good is education. This relates to me because it happened to me, and i don't believe that a principle needs to know about my family life it's none of his business. This relates to the world because if the world had more people that weren't afraid of authority i believe the world would be better because authority is based on fear and if we don't have that fear than we can make the world how it should be.

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