Wednesday, January 20, 2010

writing in circles.

Smetimes being given the freedom to write about whatever you want is the hardest assignment to write about. In the case that one cannot think of what to write sometimes the best thing is to write about the difficulty of finding a subject to write about. Which is what i am doing right now. Isn't it interesting how when writing about not being able to find a subject to write about we tend to run in circles with our writing. Not really going anywhere, strangely staying in the same place. in the time it took you to read this you could've made a bagel, or done something else to pass the time, but instead you have now read a blog that seems to run around in circles, never going anywhere but strangely moving at the same time. Now as this paragraph finishes you find yourself wondering was this a waste of time or a profound thought provoking experience. Did i actually learn something today or could i have never avoided confusion by reading this. All these questions will never be answered by me but by you.

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